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You can never say enough about your first client.

In 1997, a relationship was started that was to continue and flurish more than 17 + years.  That relationship continues to this day.

I began working for AkzoNobel as just one of the many desktop support personnel taking the usual desktop helpdesk calls.  I immediately gained the trust and respect by doing the best job possible.  It was appreciated, because I was offered a job within the AN IT department.  This was a great day in my life that later was threatened by an Outscoursing Project that took 73 persons and put them on the outside of AkzoNobel.  This change in the relationship prompted some of my fellow workers to seek emplyment elsewhere.  From 1999 to 2005, I watched all of my other 72 co-workers leave or get fired, which left me the the only tech left.  I was offered the choice of starting my own company or getting hired by an existing company and returning to AN as a consultant.

I chose to get started as a small business owner and employer.

AkzoNobel has been a fantastic customer for as long as TNT has been associated with them.  The trust and dedication that goes both ways has been an inspiration to my company and employees.



Thank You AkzoNobel